DTEACh Innovation Institutes: K-12 Professional Development

The DTEACh Innovation Institutes provide professional development for K-12 educators interested in design-based teaching, STEM education, real world projects, low tech protyping, robotics, and pedagogy to enrich 21st century learning. We introduce K-12 educators to engineering design and how it may be used to effectively integrate math and science in the classroom. From 1992 to 2000, these sessions taught educators about topics in engineering fundamentals. Since 2000, the Institutes have focused on Robotics and Automation using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® technology.

The Innovation Institutes, DTEACh Basic and DTEACh Advanced, are offered as week-long summer sessions hosted at Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin campus.  It is a cutting-edge professional development program that teaches engineering design using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® technology. Over the past 12 years more than 700 Central Texas educators have completed the Robotics and Automation Summer Institute and gone on to integrate engineering design principles into lessons ranging from science and math to literature.2013 dteach_pdf_thumbnail


PDI Overview and Agenda

Day One - Introduction into Engineering: Investigating Our Designed World

Day Two - Beginning Robotics: Investigating Design & Imagining Infrastructure Issues

Day Three - Solving the Funky Fridges Problem to (Re)New Orleans: Designing Your Environment

Day Four - Solving Global Issues and Facing the 21st Century Grand Challenges: Operating in a Designed Environment

Day Five - Final Designs and Connections

DTEACh Basic & Advanced Innovation Institutes - Summer 2014 PDI Registrations:

This year's Institutes will take place on July 22-26 (Basic PD) and July 29-August 2 (Advanced PD) from 9am-5pm on the UT campus. DTEACh Basic & Advanced Innovation Institutes Summer 2014 PDI Registrations - apply now!

    • Basic PD is building construction, exploring automation & control, programming pedagogy for MINDSTORMS, and learning socially relevant curriculum 
    • Advanced PD builds upon the foundation established during the Basic PD and includes more in-depth exploration of engineering fundamentals.
    • The fee for each institute is $450 , payable by check, or purchase order.
    • We will provide payment instructions and other details once you have been accepted in the institute.
    • Each participant will need a LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Education Base Set and an Education Resource Set. We can order these at a discount if you need them.

    NXT Teacher Training Materials: View the 2007 training materials , including NXT building and programming instructions.

    RCX Teacher Training Materials: Download the 2006 (RCX) DTEACh training binder , with RCX building and programming instructions.

    Engineering Fundamentals Institutes Prior to 2000, DTEACh focused on engineering fundamentals. During the academic year, teachers attended eight Saturday sessions to learn about a range of engineering fundamentals, including engineering design methodology, mathematics (e.g., algebra, geometry, vectors, introductory trigonometry), materials science (e.g., types of materials, properties of materials, material selection), statics (e.g., free-body diagrams, forces and moments, equilibrium), solid mechanics (e.g., elasticity, tension, compression), and mechanisms and machine components (e.g., linkages, cams, gears). During the following summer, participants then attended nine sessions over three weeks to learn about work and energy (e.g., elastic potential energy, gravitational potential energy, kinetic energy, friction), fluid mechanics (e.g., properties of fluids, hydrostatics, buoyancy, pumps and valves, Bernoulli's equation), and electricity (e.g., resistive circuits, Ohm's law, switches and relays).