The Beyond Blackboards mentorship program is designed to empower undergraduate and graduate students at The University of Texas and industry representatives to work with young students in their classrooms. Each new DTEACh Summer Institute graduate is paired with a mentor from industry, usually an engineer, and/or a UT student for technical, emotional, and academic support during classroom implementation. Mentors commit to spend one hour/week for at least one semester with their assigned teacher, although some teacher/mentor teams continue working together for several years.

The Mentorship Experience

Because each classroom is unique and every teacher's needs are different, DTEACh prepares teachers and mentors to work together in the Beyond Blackboards program to define the relationship and roles that work best for them.  Each mentor match discusses after school lesson plans, goals for the semester, and strategies to accomplish their goals at the beginning of each semester.

Since 2000, Austin-area professionals and UT students have given more than 20,000 hours in local classrooms through the DTEACh classroom mentorship program.

Mentor Professional Develoment

DTEACh is committed to ensuring that all of our volunteers have a great experience in the classroom.

Each UT mentor that volunteers for Beyond Blackboards attends an orientation session that covers Conflict Management, DTEACh Curriculum review, and leadership development.

Small professional development sessions for new curriculum review and summer camp are held when needed throughout the year.

Get Involved

The DTEACh classroom mentorship program actively recruits new mentors at the beginning of each long academic semester (January & August).  Mentors are asked to commit to at least one full semester of regular participation in their teacher partner's classroom.  New mentors must attend an orientation session before going into a classroom. While the DTEACh program is focused on engineering, you do not have to be an engineer or be familiar with LEGO┬« MINSTORMS┬« to be a classroom mentor, although those qualifications are preferred. Anyone who is interested  in impacting the lives of youth and sharing knowledge  can participate as a mentor.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to sign up to become a Beyond Blackboards classroom mentor, please e-mail us.