For the last two decades, DTEACh has reached over 1,000 teachers and 85,000+ students as part of Cockrell School of Engineering’s commitment to prepare K-12 youth to be college bound and career ready. With our new partnership, DTEAChers and students now have opportunities to earn certificates as National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges K12 Scholars.

Through our outreach, we strive to engage traditionally underrepresented students, support teachers through professional development, and connect with families and caregivers. Our goal is to enrich the landscape of learning through real world design experiences so that students are empowered to understand and improve their everyday lives with innovative engineering, entrepreneurship, and service-learning.

The DTEACh Method

Today's educators are striving to make science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education fun and exciting by offering students innovative, hands-on learning opportunities. DTEACh method helps educators teach core content in new, exciting, and challenging ways.

What Is Design?

Scientists use mathematics and experimentation to develop theories that describe observed natural phenomena. Engineers use mathematics, science, and technology to solve problems for humanity. View a diagram comparing the steps involved in the scientific and engineering design processes. 

Program History

DTEACh has been working with teachers since 1992. Read a brief overview of our early work and learn more about our more recent efforts  here .

Significant Awards 

DTEACh  has been recognized with awards in teaching and design.  Learn more>>

Relevant Publications

DTEACh faculty and researchers have published two dozen articles about the program. Find references and download articles here .